Secret To End Corona Virus Soonest!

The Healer is close to you! Say as follow in your respective places and share withing your capability to others and help the World End Corona Virus Epidemic challenges.

Oh God Almighty! The Creator of All!! The Most Merciful!!!

You love to be forgiven, and you promised us to be forgiven by seeking your forgiveness; Please forgive us our sin.

Grant us and our loved one’s protection against Corona Virus and all other viruses.

Heal those of us already infected by Corona Virus and its like,for truly You are the one to grant, protect , heal and from You we are asking mercy,healing and help!

You know it all,Corona Virus is best known to you with its purpose and source.

World have seen through Corona Virus Infliction that Your Warning Is Reality and We are all one from You under same and one command.

How powerful You are and that You are indeed the Only One God to be glorifying.

With Faith and Believe in Your oneness,we turn to you and seek your forgiveness and mercy.

Oh Allah ‘The Most Merciful God! Heal the World!! End Corona Virus!!!

Kabiru Kamilu