Corona Virus,People Of Faith and Safety Precautions!

Adhering with all the precautions and safety measures does not guaranteed 100% of not being contracted but that is when the faith is really needed that with Almighty God Grace you will be safe….

Obedience first and faith follow!

It will be a suicide judgement for whoever declined preventive measures in the name of faith because corona virus would not have had its way here in the first instance without the knowledge of Almighty God,when you obey instructions on safety measure you obey God guidelines if you are truly a believer and you may be safe with faith!

Avoid Public Places, Stop having your hand on your mouth, Eyes and Nose,Drink Warm Water often,Wash your hand with soap frequently, Drink Warm Water with Salt every night , Stop using Air Conditioner at home/office, Test yourself every morning by hold-in breathing for like 10seconds and if no coughing or inconvenience within the period you are good.

Stay Safe Please!

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