Corona Virus Preventive Tips

Corona Virus Prevention Tips

The Corona virus influenza outbreak is real & fatal and there is no cure yet once one infected.

Its spreading from China to various countries.

Prevention method for now is to keep your throat moist, do not allow your throat to dry up this is according to the Ministry of Health Research.

Do not hold your thirst because once the membrane in the throat is dried, the virus will invade into the body within 10 minutes According to research by Ministry of Health.

Drink 50-80cc warm water as adult and 30-50cc for teenage age.

Traveller please adhere to these preventive tips for this period to be safe from Corona Virus Across the World.

Any time you feel your throat is dry, do not wait drink water immediately and possibly keep water around you at all cost.

Do not drink much water at once as it does not help, instead continue keeping throat moist as much often as required.

Continue with these preventive measure till there is completely eradication of this horrible disease in the air through out the world.

Reduce been in crowded places, wear nose mask as needed especially in train or public transportation.

Avoid fried/spicy food and load up vitamin C.
The symptoms of Corona virus in human are:
1.Repeated high fever
2.Prolonged coughing after fever
3.Children are prone
4.Adults usually feel uneasy,headache and mainly respiratory related issues.
5: Highly Contagious

Kindly share to safe human life!

coronavirus protective guide

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